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eSports Program: 
Oxford Preparatory Academy partnered with Microsoft in June 2019 to begin our eSports Club! Through this partnership we have been able to offer our 3rd-8th grade students a fun, engaging, inclusive and educational eSports League.  In this after school club, students compete against each other in video games such as League of Legends and Hearthstone in a controlled, extracurricular environment.


Students have an opportunity to learn valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their life. Among the skills developed through eSports are the 5Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity, Character and managing success and failure.


Program Goals:

  • Engage students in extracurricular behavior
  • Provide a fun, competitive and fair environment for students
  • Promote teamwork, good communication skills, and other soft skills
  • Prepare students for eSports Leagues and Clubs in High School
  • Introduce students to new career opportunities
To learn more about the program you may contact:
Ms. Alvarado (Chancellor) - [email protected]
Ms. Sessions (Professor) - [email protected]
Please view our eSports program photos below. 
Final Tournament at UCI Esports Arena, May 2019 (cancelled due to COVID-19)