Lynn Barrios » Welcome to 7th Grade Math and Science!

Welcome to 7th Grade Math and Science!



Chromebook Loaner Program

Some of the 7th graders were given a bright yellow form with information on the Chromebook Loaner Program. This is the first step to having students bring home their OPA-issued Chromebook for the school year. Students are not required to bring their Chromebooks home, however, it will need to be a system they choose and stick with. There will be a designated spot for the Chromebooks in the classroom.


Please have this yellow form filled out by Wednesday, 10/16/19 to ensure the program begins smoothly for all students. Not all students need to have this filled out. It is only for those who do not have personal computers.


Until we officially announce the beginning of this program, students need to keep their Chromebooks on campus.

Thank you!


Morning Supervision

We are adjusting our expectations for morning supervision to ensure safety for all students. Drop off begins at 8:10, however students must wait to play until an OPA staff member enters the playground to ensure proper supervision. Once students are dropped off, they must wait on the lunch tables until an OPA staff member wearing an orange vest enters the playground to supervise students. Parents are welcome to wait on the lunch tables, but all students must wait to play until proper supervision enters onto the playground. Thank you for understanding as we reflect on our expectations and adjust them to ensure all students are following the 3Bs--Be respectful, be responsible, be safe.


Drop off/Pick up

Please make sure to drop off your Champion after 8:10am.  Teachers are out on patrol beginning at 8:10am to ensure student safety.  Additionally, please pick up your student by 3:30pm (Monday-Thursday) and 12:45pm (Friday or minimum days).  Any student not picked up by these times will be brought to the front office and will need to be signed out. Please follow traffic laws as it ensures safety all around the school. 



Yearbook sales have begun! This year, OPA is partnering with TreeRing to develop a student created yearbook.  Purchase your yearbook by October 31, 2019 to receive 10% off! Go to and enter OPA’s School Code: 1015659814104494 to purchase your yearbook.  Please see the flier for more information on how to create two FREE custom pages in your Champion’s yearbook.  Please contact Mrs. Barrios with any questions.

Cell Phone Policy

It is OPA policy that your Champion turns in their electronics (off or on silent mode) at the beginning of the day.  Students are aware of the procedure of putting their phones/smartwatches in the “Cell Hotel” which is then closed and put away for the day.  Students will come by at the end of the day to retrieve their devices. If your student is bringing a device to school, please review with them the policy so that they are following the procedure.  Thank you!


Curriculum Links/Standards Covered

Curriculum Links

  • Math: Open Up Resources Illustrative 
    • The lesson summary for each of the lessons are very resourceful.  They are also printed on your student’s notes at the end of each lesson. 
    • For additional practice, students may log onto Khan Academy.  Khan Academy has the lessons organized by the Illustrative units. 
  • Science: Amplify
    • Students complete all work for science through their account, including homework assignments.
    • As of right now, only students can login to view the curriculum content




Analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems.



Recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities.



Decide whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship by testing for equivalent ratios in a table or graphing on a coordinate plane and observing whether the graph is a straight line through the origin. 



Identifying the constant of proportionality (unit rate) in tables, graphs, equations, diagrams, and verbal descriptions of proportional relationships. 



MS-ESS2-2: The History of Planet Earth

Tectonic processes continually generate new ocean sea floor at ridges and destroy old sea floor at trenches.


MS-ESS2-3: Plate Tectonic and Large-Scale System Interactions

Maps of ancient land and water pattern, based on investigations of rocks and fossils, make clear how Earth’s plates have great distances, collided, and separated apart. 



In the Classroom

Math 7 

Monday - Lesson 2.4

Tuesday - Lesson 2.5

Wednesday - Lesson 2.6

Thursday - Review Day

Friday - Mid Unit 2 Test


Monday - Lesson 4.1

Tuesday - Lesson 4.2

Wednesday - Lesson 4.3

Thursday - Review Day

Friday - End of Unit Test

*Subject to change according to pacing in the classroom.

Dates to Remember

  • 10/18: Math Mid-Unit Test
  • 10/18: Science End of Unit Test
  • 10/21-10/25: Red Ribbon Week
  • 10/31: Literature Day (minimum day)
  • 11/1: No School 

Raffle Winners

Period 1: Lawrence

Period 2: Matt

Period 3: Lily

Period 4: Chloe