Friday Message 12/4/2020

December 4, 2020

Dear OPA Families and Staff,

It has been a very exciting week for OPA. On Wednesday, December 3rd, OPA-Saddleback Valley was awarded the first 7-year charter renewal in California! Under the newly adopted AB1505, schools designated by the California Department of Education as High Performing are eligible to receive a 7-year renewal. Therefore, OPA-Saddleback Valley is approved to operate through 2028.   OPA-South Orange County is due for renewal in 2024 and will hopefully also be eligible for a 7-year renewal at that time.

This week also brought several updates regarding COVID-19 and possible new restrictions. On December 2nd, the CDC updated its quarantine guidelines to include possible reduced quarantine times "based on local circumstances and resources." However, the CDC still currently recommends a quarantine of a period of 14 days.  Based on the significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Orange County, our own COVID-19 experiences at OPA, and the fact that the OCHCA has not recommended any change from the 14-day quarantine period, OPA will still implement the 14-day quarantine for anyone in close contact to a positive case. Additionally, OPA is strongly encouraging the 14-day quarantine for anyone who has traveled outside of the state/country.

In addition, Governor Newsom announced a new regional stay at home order based on the increased cases of COVID-19 in California. The order is based on 5 geographic regions, with all of Southern California falling into a single region. When a region's ICU hospital capacity falls below 15% capacity, the new stay at home order is triggered. Currently, Southern California is projected to hit this threshold in early December. However, this order does not require schools that are already open for in-person instruction to revert to virtual learning. Schools already open can remain open. The decision to revert to virtual learning has been left as a local school/district decision. We will continue to monitor our data and assess the safety of our OPA school community, but as of today, we will remain open.

Finally, due to a system issue in Aeries, report cards will open for parents to view early next week. We will send out information once they become available. We apologize for the delay.

Thank you for your patience and support of our OPA champions. Have a wonderful weekend!


The OPA Administrative Team