Educating the Whole Child

The curriculum of OPA is consistent with the adopted State Standards expectations. Understanding students’ areas of strength and the development of the total child is emphasized at Oxford Preparatory Academy.

Textbooks focusing on State Standards have been selected for use in grades TK-8, along with supplementary materials, to teach the content areas below.The following is a brief summary of the general curriculum studied in the elementary and junior high school years.

Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)


Teachers provide general musical instruction and facilitate the development of appreciation and understanding of concepts. Additionally, OPA’s music instructor facilitates students in applying connections, relationships, and applications as they creatively express their knowledge and artistic perception. They learn to read, notate, and analyze aural information while using the terminology of music across subject areas. Monthly patriotic and traditional songs are learned and sung at weekly school-wide assemblies by all students. Choir is offered to students at multiple grade levels.

Instrumental Music

All students in grades 4–8 learn to apply musical skills in performing a varied repertoire of music. Students in grade four (4) learn to play the recorder, while all students in grades 5–8 are instructed in band and have the option of various musical band instruments, including woodwind, brass, and percussion. Our music instructor assists in bringing OPA’s music to school festivals and competitions throughout Southern California.

Students have the opportunity to further enhance their instrumental skills before and after-school through additional practice, provided as an extension to our band program.


Opportunities for drama experiences are provided in each classroom. Moreover, each student will participate in a school performance that supports State Standards. These include: artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing and connections, relationships, and applications. In addition, students may have the opportunity to participate in an after-school drama club production, including creating props, costumes, masks, and sets, as well as the theatrical experience of developing the roles and responsibilities of actors and audiences.


Lessons are designed to broaden students understanding of the colors, design, principles, and art appreciation. Creative expression is strongly encouraged throughout instruction, and students identify the elements of art in objects in nature, in the environment, and in works of art emphasizing line, color, shape/form, and texture. Parent volunteers provide a monthly art program. To further enhance their spatial gifts, students may use the Art Cart, which is available at recess and lunch.