Educating the Whole Child

The curriculum of OPA is consistent with the adopted State Standards expectations. Understanding students’ areas of strength and the development of the total child is emphasized at Oxford Preparatory Academy.

Textbooks focusing on State Standards have been selected for use in grades TK-8, along with supplementary materials, to teach the content areas below.The following is a brief summary of the general curriculum studied in the elementary and junior high school years.


Science instruction is designed to provide knowledge of physical, earth, life sciences, and investigation and experimentation. This educational program provides the foundational skills and knowledge for students to learn core concepts, principles, and theories of science at the high school level. It also provides students with an awareness of the world around them and the world’s effect upon them. The curriculum is comprised of units of study, which have a performance-based, discovery centered methodology requiring substantial amounts of hands-on science experiments.

The curriculum is aligned to the California Standards for investigation and experimentation, and designed to develop all of the following:

  • Understanding of basic scientific facts and principles;
  • Use of numerical data in describing and comparing objects, events, and measurements;
  • Reading for informational text; and
  • Analytical and intellectual skills required to pose and answer questions.

Fifth grade students will participate in a hands-on, outdoor science camp. Sixth graders will participate in an ecology camp. Seventh graders may have the opportunity for enrichment travel to Costa Rica to enhance their understanding of Life Science.